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25 Aug The Office as a Moving Target

How Mobility is Affecting the “Office as Place” Concept

For those who still work in a traditional office environment with one assigned desk, cubicle, or office, this may seem like a pipe dream, but according to The Future Workspace, by 2020, one in three people will have the ability to work anywhere they want.Mobile technology has slowly nudged even the most traditional companies toward embracing a more open, flexible culture.  Mobile phones, ubiquitous wireless, coworking and coffee shops have given many people the opportunity to get out of the office, keep their job, and even move to a remote location.  Initially there was a backlash against telecommuting because business leaders thought working from home or at the mother ship was an all or nothing proposition. American Express developed a program called BlueWork to both increase productivity and make sure space is used to capacity. In this program, employees are put into one of four categories that assign space based on the needs of the job, some working from home part-time and others constantly on the road with no true desk space. For example, if you’re in the “Club” category, you have flexible roles that involve both virtual and in-person meetings.
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10 Jun New @ NeoCon’14

LOFTwall returns to NeoCon 2014 with bright, new flexible design innovations to transform open workspaces. LOFTwall is launching several new panel materials and products that address needs for sound absorption in workspaces and recycled non-toxic materials. LOFTwall’s products will be on display in space 7-6046...

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It’s OK – We Give You Permission to Take a Real Holiday!Are you starting to feel the pre-holiday distraction, stress and guilt as holiday plans are taking priority over those looming work projects?  Perhaps you’re subconsciously afraid to let go and take a breath? founder...

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07 Nov Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design, Biomimicry and Our Inherent Bond With NatureThe terms biophilia and biomimicry are often popping up in design and green building circles often these days. What do these esoteric words really mean to us, and how can nature influence our design?It's no secret that humans have an...

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30 Oct Love Your Show!

NeoCon East Baltimore Delivers an Accessible, Down to Earth Event, with Michael Graves as HeadlinerDespite the notorious government shutdown, the show went on last week at NeoCon East in Baltimore, MD, a short train ride from Washington, DC. NeoCon East is the annual sequel to...

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11 Oct LOFTwall Approved

We've announced a new program called “LOFTwall Approved” that will streamline the panel material selection process for designers and specifiers by pre-vetting materials for product fit, and designating them “LOFTwall Approved.”“LOFTwall believes that design can help shape the future of work and materials are...

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27 Sep Office Interruptus

What’s the Biggest Offender in Your Work Environment and What Can You Do About it?In the age of social media, techno-mobility and the ever-growing trend toward open, flexible office environments, many business leaders are concerned about the increasing cost of distractors that negatively affect productivity...

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08 Jul NeoCon 2013 Wrap-Up

Our second year exhibiting at NeoCon, the world’s largest commercial office furniture design tradeshow was a very rewarding experience.  We were energized by the positive reaction to our idea wall, where visitors shared ideas on how their workspaces are changing and where and how they...

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