Author: morgan

Spearheaded by the Silicon Valley Goliaths such as Facebook and Google (and the tech startup “Davids”), the open office continues to gain traction across the country. Dealers and business owners are quickly realizing the benefits of dynamic office spaces that give employees more control over where and how they work. For dealers, this means assisting business owners to help create more effective collaborative areas in addition to private space.

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without [engaged workers] by 202% according to a Gallup Employee Engagement Report

While we all agree that increasing workplace productivity is essential for any business to thrive, too often the focus is just on active solutions: scheduling breaks, increasing employee accountability, or incorporating morale boosting exercises.

67% believe colleagues can encourage/help them do their jobs better (Social Media Today) Designing for collaboration is a weird but vital science. As we move into a world where Generation Z is colliding with the Millennials expectations are changing. Innovative companies are adjusting to the needs of the incoming generation. These companies are shifting toward the concept of “team space,” a new way of working that is designed to help teams do their best work, according to a recent article by Forbes.

Even though every space is unique, the flow and necessary areas are usually very similar. It is important to approach design with a keen eye focused on building the spaces people need to be productive. That means building in areas where individuals can enjoy privacy, collaboration and social interaction.