How We Rushed Walls to a COVID19 Testing Facility

By Loftwall March 16, 2020

Seems like the world could use a little more privacy. We’re as glued to the news as everyone else, but we noticed an interesting change last week – our phones started ringing off the hook. 

A healthy amount of space between people never sounded so good, and in some cases, it is essential.

Cue a story from just last week, when a New York hospital ordered 30+ Framewalls. They needed a couple special concessions, including the ability to wipe down each unit with heavy duty cleaners without damaging the materials. Because we make everything to order, this wasn’t an issue. 

But the next hurdle was one we didn’t expect. We typically ship product in 5-7 business days, which blows our customers away. Most commercial furniture takes weeks and weeks to receive. But because of the pressing nature of the hospital’s needs, they requested we ship in 24 hours. 

They had a state-wide mandate to pop up emergency rooms and testing sites throughout the state, and our walls would be a critical part of the space division to keep order in a chaotic new world. We are proud our team banded together and less than 24 hours later we said goodbye to a truck full of walls headed to NY.

We know the need will be widespread – whether clinical or in your workplace, let us know how we can help you make your space work better. We have a handy wall builder and a team ready to answer your questions.


Let’s get through this together,

Team Loftwall