There’s nothing more powerful than your brand. It’s the one thing nobody can copy, value-engineer or knock-off. It’s what makes your employees excited to come to work every day and keeps your clients coming back to you. Reflect your pride for your brand with custom printed logos, brand designs, colors or anything else that shows your company pride.


Take your Loftwall for a ride around the office. Co-workers judging you? Roll away! Casters are a great way to add mobility and functionality to any of our products. The open office is here to stay and privacy, division and sense of space will continue to be challenges for every designer. Adding casters makes mobility king (or queen).

Rolling Doors

Want your wall to move and not just from space to space? Our custom fabrication team can integrate rolling doors into just about any design to add functionality and space division to your project. Take that clunky office furniture system and put a door on it — a simple and cost-effective upgrade to transform the look and feel of an existing space.

Custom Artwork

Are you that one client who says “That’s nice that you have over a hundred standard finishes, but can you produce my custom finish?” Challenge accepted! Our graphics team can custom print and produce your artwork on just about any Loftwall product, in beautiful high-resolution stunning color.

Custom wood options

Natural is the new normal when it comes to finishes and colors. Yes, we’ve got natural, wood finishes available for just about any Loftwall product. We’re talking real wood slats, not faux finishes or laminates. Add warmth and an organic feel to your space without remodeling the entire space. Don’t see the wood finish you want – no problem, we love custom projects as well!

Custom Cutouts

Custom CNC Patterns

Square peg in a round hole. Or is it round peg in a square hole? We can produce either one and any other custom cut-outs, patterns or design. Let our panels be your inspiration canvas and produce the perfect product to match your vision. Our team also has the experience to help guide your project to success because we’ve produced a wall or two, or even 25,000.

Resins & Textiles

Custom, custom, custom. If you’ve read this far, you probably get the message, we can do it. But there’s more – we are in the business of making spaces work better. We know there are some great manufacturers out there, so we’ve partnered with several of the best to allow you to integrate even more custom design elements into your Loftwall product.


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