Pivot: So Flexible, This Wall Could Teach A Yoga Class

By Loftwall

Remember when we said sometimes people don’t want flexibility

Well sometimes, people really, really want flexibility. We’re excited to announce our latest product, Pivot, which was designed to give designers and space planners more options than any partition system in the world. Imagine if you took our classic Framewall product, anchored it to a wall, and the entire solution turned into a living hinge? That’s Pivot

Never before have people had so many options to divide and create space. Because Pivot has multiple shapes it can take, it allows you to define what your space will be used for. Privacy, collaboration, comfort, or any other function – it’s up to you. 

Because privacy is a universal need, we’ve already seen customers across the board who are ecstatic to get their hands on Pivot. Retail customers who need to separate private space in an otherwise busy environment. Higher education customers who want to give students privacy and flexibility in dorm rooms and student unions. Residential customers who are turning studio apartments into much more private living spaces. Corporate customers who are making training rooms truly multi-purpose. 

You don’t have to purchase the extremely bulky and expensive “conference center” solutions that collapse into a wall and triple your budget. When Pivot is being used, it can create space exactly as you need it. When it isn’t being used, it minimally hugs your wall and gets out of the way so you can maximize your square footage. 

And with all of the finish options Loftwall is known for, you can focus on collaboration, acoustics, aesthetics, or match the decor of the space you’ve designed. 

Ready to divide and conquer? Design your Pivot today!