We’re a humble,

hungry team

Who believe our world is short on privacy. We’ve read it in studies, we’ve heard it from customers and we’ve lived it ourselves. So, we’re doing something about it. As manufacturers of colorful, flexible privacy, we bring focus spaces to life.

We’re proud Texans

From customer service to production, everything we do, we do proudly from our state-of-the-art Texas headquarters. And because we’re based in the US, all under one roof, we can provide faster lead times, we can say “yes” to customization, and we can give your project the hand holding care it deserves.

And we’re just

getting started

We must’ve done something right because we’re growing. And as we grow, we’re only setting our sights higher on who we can be and who we can serve. We’re on a mission to bring privacy back to offices, schools and universities, municipal customers, hospitals, startups, and everyone in between.