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Creating safer spaces for students and faculty at Tulane, without time consuming remodels

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Why Tulane needed a privacy solution

When developing their return-to-campus plan, Tulane adopted a series of safety protocols that included social distancing, masks, temporary classrooms, online learning and, of course, screens.

While some departments pursued remote learning, Tulane’s School of Architecture wanted to find a creative way to bring students back into the studio safely. Along with AOS Interior Environments, they began to develop a plan.


Why Tulane/AOS turned to Loftwall

With a history of manufacturing privacy solutions, Tulane and AOS felt confident in Loftwall’s ability to deliver. While other manufacturers were beginning to create space dividing products, none had the experience or testing Loftwall had.

After honing in on Loftwall, Tulane and AOS were impressed with Loftwall’s Hitch product. As a retrofit solution that would add lateral privacy, assemble quickly, and preserve the face of their preexisting workstations, Tulane and AOS were sold.

To maintain sight lines and keep collaboration, Tulane and AOS designed custom sized Hitches with clear acrylic panels.

In just 5 days, AOS assembled and installed 240 Hitches at the School of Architecture (while also working on other installations around campus)! Studios were able to reopen safely, just in time for the semester to start.


What Tulane/AOS think of their finished Loftwall solution

Students and faculty are happy with their Loftwall Hitches! Students are grateful for the investment the school has made for their health, safety and well-being. And students have enjoyed the practical design of the Hitches. Students have been using the dividers as additional ways to post their sketches, notes and other work.

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