• Framewall


    Our original space-defining room divider. A true classic!

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  • Shift


    Shelving doesn't have to be so stale. Add flair to your environment with a thoughtful solution that divides space, offers storage, and looks good doing it.

  • Dok


    Offices come in all shapes and sizes, so their solutions should too.

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  • Flox


    A lightweight, flexible partition screen designed to maneuver effortlessly and conform to virtually any space.

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  • Mizzen + Main

    Mizzen + Main

    An install story by Loftwall

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Engineering privacy, one space at a time. We are passionate about making space work better – whether that means tackling visual, audio, or territorial privacy. That’s why we get out of bed every morning (well that, and a Krispy Kreme donut).


We make 100% of our products in the USA so we can give architects and designers fully customizable space definition solutions. Need a wall partition or acoustic solution? We’ve got your back. Need a partner to craft an entire space to increase productivity and maximize employee engagement? Now you’re speaking our language.

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Is Your Office Full of Dwights, Jims, or Stanleys?

A quick look at employee engagement and how office design influences more than you think.

Headphones Won’t Solve All Your Privacy Issues

Too many people think distractions can simply melt away by popping in some AirPods.

Lack of Privacy Will Cost You $2.1 Million This Year

Reducing office distractions is one of the best ways to save your company time and money.

DESIGN A LOFTWALL TO FIT YOUR SPACE – from acoustics to custom solutions, the answer is yes!

Design your Loftwall in five easy steps. Select width, height, frame style, frame color and
materials to create a custom Loftwall to fit your style. Our friendly team will help you turn a deign concept into reality –
we love to Make Space. Work Better.

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