At Loftwall, we do a whole lot more than manufacture room dividers and privacy partitions. We make space work better.


Whether organizations want to foster group collaboration or privacy for individuals working on their own, Loftwall offers innovative, creative, fully customizable space-defining solutions.

Space – The Balancing Act

Learn how to create a balanced space that fits your needs allowing your employees and your organization to work better.

Fusing Fashion with Mizzen + Main

Mizzen + Main worked with Loftwall to develop a design that would complement their mix of style while creating a productive space.

Make Your Space Your Own

Step past just functional and create a space that tells your unique story and properly reflects your brand and culture.


Design your Loftwall in five easy steps. Select width, height, frame style, frame color and
materials to create a custom Loftwall to fit your style.

design loftwall multiple step pages
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