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There is no “one size fits all” when you’re trying to solve a privacy problem. People love options, and that’s why we built our business around it. Custom sizes, shapes, colors, hardware… you dream it, we’ll build it. We’re on a mission to bring privacy back to the workplace, and these are the building blocks to make it happen.

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We didn’t set out to be just another furniture company. We believe in finding a unique purpose, planting your flag, and being the best at what you do. Our blog is like our company’s diary – just broadcast to the world. We actually believe in the products we sell and the problems we solve for our customers. Space division, office collaboration, and focus work are achieved through a delicate balance of space planning and intentional design. Let’s take that journey together.

Distractions are no joke - they can cost companies millions of dollars. But too many people think distractions can simply melt away by popping in some AirPods. It isn’t that simple, and we’ve got some sc…

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Dust off your TI-83 calculators, friends, it’s time for a throwback math lesson. The title of this post isn’t hyperbole, and we can prove it.  A textbook story problem for you to consider: Jimmy…

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Every office has one - the guy or gal who cares more than everyone else. In Scranton, Pennsylvania, that was Dwight Schrute. He remains the definition of an engaged employee. Engaged employees produce better…

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Who Says Shelving Has To Be Boring

Privacy can be solved by adding more than flexible partitions. We developed Shift in 2019 to give the modern workplace a modular storage solution. A completely customizable and flexible shelving unit that you can engineer to solve whatever problems your workplace is facing – we’ve got some SHIFT you should see. 

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