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There is no “one size fits all” when you’re trying to solve a privacy problem. People love options, and that’s why we built our business around it. Custom sizes, shapes, colors, hardware… you dream it, we’ll build it. We’re on a mission to bring privacy back to the workplace, and these are the building blocks to make it happen. We have room dividers and acoustical solutions for everyone.

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Johns Hopkins
United States Navy
Tesla Motors
University of Texas

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We didn’t set out to be just another furniture company. We believe in finding a unique purpose, planting your flag, and being the best at what you do. Our blog is like our company’s diary – just broadcast to the world. We actually believe in the room dividers and the other products we sell and the problems we solve for our customers. Space division, office collaboration, and focus work are achieved through a delicate balance of space planning and intentional design. Let’s take that journey together.

How we arrived at the Loftwall Core Values and why they matter Loftwall is an 11 year old business that had a chance to be reborn a couple years ago. Our founder Steve Kinder took a huge risk in deciding to…

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When developing their return-to-campus plan, Tulane University adopted a series of safety protocols that included social distancing, masks, temporary classrooms, online learning and, of course, screens. W…

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This week alone, 2.9 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine are being distributed across the US. By the end of this year, 20 million Americans are expected to receive their first dose of the vaccine. …

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After we got past the initial shock of a global pandemic, then pivoted, it was game on and time to get to work helping make work safer.


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