Airline Install: 70 Walls Shipped and Installed in 24 Hours

By Loftwall

Why one airline needed a privacy solution

To allow their customers to travel abroad safely and avoid quarantining upon arrival, one airline began providing COVID-19 rapid tests for all of their passengers. To accomplish this feat, the airline needed a designated space to queue, test, and hold passengers until they tested negative.

Why they turned to Loftwall

Loftwall was called because the airline needed strong, cleanable walls that could ship quickly.

Originally, the airline turned to a local manufacturer to source their walls. However after receiving the walls, the airline rejected the product because the material was too flimsy. If these walls were to last and reach the airline’s standards, they’d need to find another manufacturer. And with passengers coming soon, they needed to find another manufacturer quickly.

Fortunately, Loftwall was ready. With a history of manufacturing privacy solutions,  the airline was confident in Loftwall’s ability to deliver. While other manufacturers were beginning to create space dividing products, none had the vast product offering, rigorous testing, or quickship speed Loftwall had.

What they think of their finished Loftwall solution

The airline loves their Framewalls! Supervisors were blown away with the quality of the walls and Loftwall’s ability to ship the product the same day they ordered.

“They look great! Thanks for all your help and effort.” “Nice! Big improvement over the previous ones. We’ll remember these for future projects.”

The airline was so impressed with Loftwall that they placed two additional orders the following month!