Five Things to Consider When Designing a New Space

By Loftwall

It is vital to approach design with a keen eye towards building the areas people need in order to be productive, which includes private spaces to focus, collaborative spaces for group work and areas to meet with clients. Since striking a balance on the types of areas to include in your next design project is so important, here are a few things to consider before you dive in.

1. What is Working? 

Unless you’re starting from scratch, it’s probably best to start by determining what about your space works for your organization.

2. What Needs to Change? 

Identify the specific problems you need to address and focus on them.

3. Budget? 

How much to spend and what to spend it on? This seems obvious but a project without a budget is like a ship without a rudder – lost at sea.

4. Goals for The Future

Design is about flow, placement and balance. When you look at an empty space, think ahead for the future use of your space.

5. What Does Your Brand Look and Feel Like?

When employees, customers, and interviewees visit your workspace, who you are should be clearly communicated when they walk in the door.