Loftwall Products Now Available on GSA Contract

By Loftwall

American-Made Privacy Solutions Available to all Government Buyers

After months of reviews, product testing, and questions from the impressively thorough United States Government, we’re thrilled to announce our products are now available to purchase on the GSA multiple awards schedule. That means that more people than ever now have access to our award-winning privacy solutions. 

We’ve been proud to manufacture Loftwall products in Texas for the last 12 years, delivering focus and function to thousands of customers from startups to Fortune 500 companies. But now even more people can order Loftwall. 

Who Can Buy on GSA?

  • Federal agencies (military and civilian)
  • Mixed ownership government corporations as identified in 31 U.S.C. § 9101,
  • District of Columbia
  • Qualified nonprofit agencies for the blind or other severely handicapped individuals for use in making or providing an approved commodity or service to the government
  • State and local governments for certain Schedule purchases
  • Contractors authorized under FAR 51 
  • And apparently “many more”

If you’re anything like us, there is a lot of learning involved when it comes to the GSA. We thought their list of “why buy on the GSA schedule” was more than a little helpful.

Why Buy on GSA?

  • Streamlined procedures to increase acquisition speed
  • Access to small businesses to support socio economic goals
  • FAR compliance
  • Pre-qualified contractors
  • Pre-negotiated ceiling prices to achieve best value
  • Access to emerging technologies and innovative solutions

We’ve made it really easy to find everything you need to buy Loftwall on GSA. Visit for a hub of information and answers. Or if you like talking to good old fashioned human beings, shoot us a note at [email protected]