Making Lemonade out of Lemons in the COVID19 Era

By Loftwall
Like everyone these days, we are working to be mindful of the COVID19 and doing our part to minimize the spread of the virus. Loftwall space division solutions and partitions have become a crucial component of many testing centers, emergency rooms, and healthcare facilities in this new era. Every day information changes, but we are committed to delivering our products as long as our governing bodies deem it appropriate.
In the meantime, we felt it appropriate to share how we’re specifically addressing the new world we live in:
Care for Employees
All non-essential personnel are working remotely for the foreseeable future. While we don’t have a large team, each person can become a carrier and minimizing this risk was important to us. Additionally, we are practicing social distancing in our production facility with daily reminders and tips for the team. We have increased our cleaning of all work surfaces and space, and given employees access to clean even further should they want to. We have also proactively communicated to employees that extended PTO grace periods would be granted if self-quarantine is necessary. We don’t want the fear of missing a payday to get in the way of doing the right thing.
Commitment to Customers
While some of our customers are closed during this time (we serve customers across North America), many of our customers are still open for business. We have had astronomical increases in interest from healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and retail locations that are open during this time. We have decreased our lead times and at times, even extended discounts to help service providers fit within emergency budgets. With every available piece of in-stock raw material, we are pushing the barriers of speed and quality to serve our customers in this time of need. As stated above, we will continue to receive orders, answer the phones, build and ship product as long as our local authorities deem it appropriate. With the increased demand for our products in the healthcare sector, we are confident we will be running at full speed for the foreseeable future.
Creative Solutions
Not everything is “business as usual.” We’ve asked our sales and marketing teams to cease all travel. To continue to connect with dealers, designers, and end users in creative ways, we are launching remote meetings, CEU’s, and giving our customers a chance to have some fun while stuck in their homes. We’re leveraging technology to connect with people – whether it is about furniture, design, privacy, or what life is like these days. These “venting” sessions are important for us to stay connected to the world and be a resource for our friends (and make some new friends).
We don’t have it all figured out, and the news changes every day. But our goal is to protect our employees, serve our customers, and creatively contribute to our communities.