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The open office is great for collaboration and team building, but what if you need a temporary space of your own? Loftwall has you covered. Our products make it easy to create temporary spaces for individual privacy, collaboration, or group settings.

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Loftwall manufactures room dividers and privacy partitions for commercial and residential spaces. We believe that people are only as good as the space that they occupy. Make your space work better with Loftwall.

Focus Spaces

To truly set employees up for success, organizations should prioritize workspaces that offer privacy. Individual spaces give employees a safe haven to accomplish individual tasks that require concentration.

Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative areas are ideal for individuals who need to connect with others offsite for conference calls or participate in a webinar without interrupting those around them.

Flexible Spaces

Making larger defined areas for a range of diverse group or individual activities can bring a new dimension to any office. These spaces can breathe and evolve as your work needs change.

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