Winner Winner: Tempo Wins a Core77 Design Award

By Loftwall

Our latest product, Tempo, won a Core77 Design Award in the Furniture & Lighting category! If you ask us, it’s no surprise this acoustic eye candy is the talk of the industry!

We’ve been dividing space to create privacy for over a decade. But the more we learn about privacy, the more we realize there isn’t “just one way” to harness it. We’ve got space division down to a science – but we have largely ignored an enormous part of workspaces that can contribute to the problem (or solution).

That’s why we developed Tempo – the simplest baffle solution to decrease noise and distraction. We wanted to create a simple system that was completely interchangeable. It was important to us that the product could evolve as your space evolved. Each component in Tempo can be interchanged or updated over time. Ceilings and walls contribute to an enormous amount of unwanted noise in the workspace. We wanted to create a common solution that could address either space without the complexities that exist today.


And let us tell you how complicated it is! We studied 10-12 different manufacturer’s solutions in the process of developing Tempo. The average solution took 14 days before we were even given a price! Not to mention the certified installers required to bring their solutions to life. We were convinced there had to be a better way.

Perhaps the thing that makes Tempo the MOST simple baffle solution is how we decided to price it. Our goal was to be able to give a customer a price in 30 seconds or less. We do that by simplifying the entire process and determining the price by the square footage of the wall or ceiling. Can you customize shape, size, color, and orientation along the way? Sure. But that shouldn’t change the price, right?

We partnered with the award winning industrial design team at KEM Studio and spent the entirety of 2020 making sure that we were solving a novel problem with a unique approach. 

The result of that research is Tempo, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Start building your Tempo Ceiling grid HERE and your Tempo Wall grid HERE.