When Drywall Costs Triple, Don’t Flexible Walls Make the Most Sense?

By Loftwall

The construction world is experiencing unprecedented price spikes for the most common raw materials. Lumber, drywall, hardware, and more materials are all 3-4x more expensive than they were before the pandemic. And if you’re listening to economists, these costs won’t go down anytime soon. Ask anyone who is trying to build a house right now, the average new home price has increased $36,000 (triggering a rush on home sales). 

But these spikes aren’t limited to the residential market. Commercial construction has grinded to halt with supply chain issues. The offices that were slated to be re-configured and “COVID-proof” are waiting on multi-month shipping delays and spiked costs that are derailing budgets for countless locations. 

These trends coupled with the hybrid workspace means there is more demand than ever for non-permanent solutions for division of space. These modern dilemmas are the topics of countless conversations we’re having with customers. From across North America, our phones are ringing with people asking for creative ways to solve problems that didn’t exist 18 months ago. 

More than ever before, customers need modular solutions to create the new built environment. Isn’t a flexible wall system the most economically (and environmentally) conscious decision for the next generation of workplaces? No permits, no logjams at the nearest port of entry – just colorful and flexible privacy faster than you thought possible. Ready to get started?