Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

By Loftwall

Finishing a year is always a fun time to reflect on what went well and what didn’t. Resolutions are pretty empty if you never circle back to see if they made a difference. That’s how we’re feeling this time of year – looking back at our march to provide privacy to more people every day.

One significant way we did that in 2021 was launching Tempo – a stupid simple ceiling and wall baffle solution. Like many of you, we’d seen the way the world tried to solve this problem and thought “there’s gotta be a better way?!” So with the help of the design gurus at KEM STUDIO, we brought Tempo into the world.

We thought Tempo was going to be loved by the design community, but we weren’t prepared for what happened next. Fast Company, Interior Design, IDEA, and many others recognized Tempo has one of the best new products of the year. After almost a year of development (batman voice: in the shadows), dealers, designers, and space planners were starting to pick up what we were putting down.

The icing on top? Tempo was just named a finalist for the prestigious Interior Design Best of Year Awards. Around these parts (yes we just used that phrase, we’re from Texas) we refer to this award as the “Oscars of the Design Business.” So although the ceremony is virtual this year, we’re going to pop some bubbly, don our tuxedo t-shirts, and celebrate that the world is embracing the idea that privacy is a basic right and is should be simple, beautiful, and accessible to all.

Let us know if we can help you “keep that racket down” in your workplace with Tempo or another one of our privacy solutions.