Acoustic Wood Panels: A Complete Guide

By Loftwall November 7, 2023

What are Acoustic wood panels?

Dimensions of an acoustic wood slat panel. Height, width, and thickness dimensions called out in inches and millimeters.

In the simplest terms, acoustic wood panels are panels made from a series of wood veneer strips mounted on top of a sound-absorbing sheet. These panels combine the acoustic benefits of the underlying sound panel (often made of PET) with the aesthetic benefit of a wood veneer top. While most commonly installed on commercial or residential walls, these panels are lightweight enough to be installed in most ceilings too.

As an acoustically strong, aesthetically pleasing, and easily installed interior design solution, it’s no surprise that acoustic wood slat panels are becoming increasingly popular in modern offices, modern homes, modern restaurants, and modern hotels.


Do acoustic wood panels work?

Acoustic wood paneling NRC rating explained installed behind TV

Loftwall’s acoustic wood panels have a sound-absorbing NRC grade of 0.8, which means they absorb 80% of the soundwaves they come in contact with. By contrast, standard wood panels have an NRC grade of around 0.1 – so acoustic slat wood wall panels have 8 times the sound-dampening ability of traditional wood sheets.


slat wall panel sizes and finishes

Oak Walnut Teak Acoustic Wall Slats

While wood acoustic panels can be constructed in various sizes and styles, the most common offering is premade 2′ wide x 8′ tall sheets of black PET backing with either Oak, Teak, or Walnut wood slats on top. Oak is the most popular finish choice. While some manufacturers offer larger sizes (like 2′ wide x 8′ tall), multiple slat wood panels can be field cut and installed next to each other to cover large areas better.


Free wood slat wall sample box

Manufacturers understand the importance of choosing the perfect finish for your acoustic wood slat panels. That’s why many offer the convenience of ordering sample boxes featuring a range of finishes, including oak, walnut, and teak. These sample boxes allow you to experience the textures, colors, and grains of different wood finishes firsthand, helping you make an informed decision before making a purchase. This hands-on approach ensures that your acoustic panels not only meet your acoustic needs but also seamlessly integrate with your interior design vision.

To order a free acoustic slat wood panel sample kit, fill out the form below.

Acoustic Wood Slat Panels free sample finish box


Installing acoustic wood panels

When you’re ready to install your wood slat wall panels, here’s an install guide that covers wall mounting with screws, adhesive, and furring strips and ceiling mounting with furring strips or into t-grids. When installing wood acoustic panels, consult with a licensed contractor to ensure your office or home walls and ceilings can support the weight of slat panels.


The above is a video walkthrough of Loftwall’s Arbor wood slat wall panels being mounted directly behind a TV.

Purchasing Acoustic Wood Panels

Fluted acoustic wood wall panel behind mid century modern chair

After you’ve received your free acoustic slat wood wall panel sample box, our team is standing by, ready to help with your order! You can order wood acoustic panels directly here or visit our Arbor wood slat wall product page directly to learn more and request a quote.


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