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11 May Designs Around the World

Inspiration turned inside out. The 2015 Milan Expo will feature the Palazzo Italia, and not just for its architectural beauty either. The web-like pavilion surrounding the building will be made from a special air-purifying...

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25 Aug The Office as a Moving Target

How Mobility is Affecting the “Office as Place” Concept

For those who still work in a traditional office environment with one assigned desk, cubicle, or office, this may seem like a pipe dream, but according to The Future Workspace, by 2020, one in three people will have the ability to work anywhere they want. Mobile technology has slowly nudged even the most traditional companies toward embracing a more open, flexible culture.  Mobile phones, ubiquitous wireless, coworking and coffee shops have given many people the opportunity to get out of the office, keep their job, and even move to a remote location.  Initially there was a backlash against telecommuting because business leaders thought working from home or at the mother ship was an all or nothing proposition. American Express developed a program called BlueWork to both increase productivity and make sure space is used to capacity. In this program, employees are put into one of four categories that assign space based on the needs of the job, some working from home part-time and others constantly on the road with no true desk space. For example, if you’re in the “Club” category, you have flexible roles that involve both virtual and in-person meetings.
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10 Jun New @ NeoCon’14

LOFTwall returns to NeoCon 2014 with bright, new flexible design innovations to transform open workspaces. LOFTwall is launching several new panel materials and products that address needs for sound absorption in workspaces and recycled...

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