How S4TS Safely Re-opened with Loftwall

By Andrew Holmes

Shoes 4 the Shoeless was faced with a problem. The nature of their mission left their volunteers incapable of serving while social distancing.

As a non-profit providing disadvantaged kids with new, correctly fitting shoes and socks, remote work and Zoom meetings weren’t an option for Shoes 4 the Shoeless (S4TS). While they could set up outside and require all volunteers and participants to wear a mask, S4TS needed a way to measure feet, tie laces and care for kids, safely in person.

So they gave us a call and together, we got creative.

Shoes 4 the Shoeless working out of a school parking lot.

S4TS was interested in a clear protective barrier with a custom pass through large enough for their volunteers to tie a shoe through. And, of course, the divider needed to be easy to clean with healthcare-grade cleaners. Fortunately, we had just the thing.

Split, a transparent room divider we designed to help businesses re-open safely, was the perfect product for us to start customizing.

Outfitted with a clear acrylic panel and modular aluminum frame, volunteers would be able to safely interact with kids after a few minor adjustments. Due to Split’s design, we could create a large pass through gap by elongating the vertical posts, sliding the acrylic panels upwards, and reversing the base plates to face outwards.

After finalizing our plan, we worked quickly to manufacture and ship out two custom Splits. The S4TS team was ecstatic. With product on hand, Shoes 4 the Shoeless was able to resume their mission with peace of mind.

A S4TS volunteer using our custom Split.

But Shoes 4 the Shoeless isn’t alone, thousands of organizations are facing similar challenges. Do you know a business who could use more protection for their staff? Whether its a mobile or static solution, we’re poised to help businesses re-open with confidence. Click here to get started crafting your solution.