Meet Hover: Because Sometimes Privacy Shouldn't Be Messed With

By Loftwall

We are obsessed with flexibility. It’s in our DNA, building products that can fit multiple spaces and uses is one of the first things we attempt when we pop the cap off the marker and approach our product development whiteboard of ideas. But every now and then, our customers ask us for products that are intentionally un-flexible. By now, we hope it’s clear that privacy matters to us. So when customers told us they wanted to plant their flags and build a space around one of our products with no intention to move it, we listened.

Introducing Hover: an adaptation on a classic Loftwall product. Our Framewall was built to be modular and flexible space division. Hover uses the same components but is permanently anchored to the floor and ceiling of a space. With the array of finish options Loftwall is known for, there are millions of combinations to make Hover uniquely yours. This product came purely from a place of customer demand – and we’ve seen uses for it in commercial, residential, healthcare, and higher education already. Whether you’re dividing a loft apartment, delineating a reception area, or giving more privacy to people who otherwise were stuck in the open, Hover can solve a variety of problems without ever moving an inch.

The beauty of making all of our products to-order and our HQ in Texas means that no two Hovers have to be the same. Room dimensions can be tricky, and tricky is where we thrive. We’ve learned that so often people hear the words “custom sizes” and think “more money.” That isn’t the case with Hover. We cut all material to your exact specifications so there is no waste when creating your perfect space division solution. 

Need to integrate acoustic material? No problem.

Want to integrate a dry erase whiteboard into your Hover to increase collaboration? We’ve got that covered.

We’re serious about delivering privacy to the masses. And one thing we’re learning along the way is that privacy means different things to different people. So we’re going to continute to push the envelope and deliver acoustic, visual, and territorial privacy to our thousands of customers. 

Do you have an idea to make your space work better? We want to hear it! Send us a note at [email protected]. We promise we check that inbox!