Is office noise costing your company money?

By Loftwall

Sound Creates Distractions. Distractions Kill Productivity.

The ability to focus is key to the effectiveness of employees. Unfortunately, the modern workspace does a poor job of facilitating a distraction free environment. According to the 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey by Gensler, 53% of employees are disturbed by others while trying to focus and 69% of employees are dissatisfied with their workstation’s noise levels.

So what’s the big deal?

Distractions derail productivity. University of California researchers found it took an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to regain concentration after being distracted and IPSOS/Steelcase researchers found on average 86 minutes of our work day is lost to such distractions. This is an astounding 18% of an 8 hour workday.Distracted employees are not productive, are not happy, and are not engaged.

This leaves us with a simple question: How do you design a workspace with minimum distractions? Read on to see a few of the solutions Loftwall has to offer or click below to check out our collection acoustic solutions.


Absorb Distracting Noise With Acoustic Panels From Loftwall.

If the problem is attention-diverting noise, then the solution is easy: remove it from your space. Loftwall offers a thoughtfully curated, responsibly sourced, range of acoustic panels for any budget, project, and taste. Our sound-absorbing panels reduce distractions and increase your workplace efficiency. Say goodbye to sidetracked employees and hello to peaceful productivity.


A-küs-tik is sound dampening for the masses — your respite from normal in a sea of ordinary offices that leave employees uninspired, de-motivated and drained by the workday. Inject life into your space with custom laser-cut patterns, and a collection of 11 unique colors. If that isn’t enough, A-küs-tik is also great for the environment — made from recycled water bottles and 100% recyclable.


Put up a wall and take down the noise. Blox brings crisp, bright acoustical panels in the form of geometrical, yet curved shapes which offer dimension to our award wining wall partition system. The premium wool felt surface dissipates VOC’s, while the noise dampening panels help keep the distractions to a minimum. Blox can be completely customized with your choice of 12 color panels.


Flox is the new definition of versatility for the modern office environment. The flexible sound-absorbing panels defy conventional, rigid partition designs, giving you the ability to create a straight wall, a wavy s-curve, or anything in between. Flox fits effortlessly into even the most ambitious of designs with its natural color finishes and elegantly supple panel design.