While the Billionaires Race to Space, We’re Down Here Building Space WITHIN a Space

By Loftwall

Permits, general contractors, and drywall aren’t the only way to create space. Enter, Rooms: a modular masterpiece to unlock your space within a space. With limitless finish options, flexible design, and quality you only get when it’s made in the USA, we think it’s time we all get a Room.

Rooms are jam-packed with function, no matter the type of space you need to create. It isn’t one size fits all, it’s your size, your way. It’s time to make some Room for the work that matters most.

The open office is great, sure. But every now and then don’t you wish you had a space to focus? To collaborate? To get s*** done? We wished that too, so we designed Rooms to be the canvas for your best work.

We took many of the features people love from our Framewall product (modularity, recycled materials, ease of installation, limitless panel options) and supercharged them to create Rooms. Now you can create a space with reinforced vertical supports, leveling feet, and even add a rolling door to your Room. If we’ve learned anything in the last 12 years, it’s that our customers love options. And since we make Rooms in our Texas HQ, you can have it any way you want it. You aren’t limited to wall sizes, a single panel option, or a bulky design aesthetic that compromises the entire design of your space. 

Whether you need semi-private, completely enclosed, touch-down space, rolling doors, pop-up war rooms, or focus pods… We could create a million solutions with our new Rooms. 

This category is changing the way offices are designed and planned – and we’re ready to shake that category up.

Want a piece of the action? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll start building something special together.